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released February 12, 2013

The record is a return to the search for unusual and little known facets of acoustic instrumental sounds. This time the instrument was a two-handed building saw, known in the music world for its distinct mellow-singing properties, but here an invisible side of it is revealed with a characteristic low sound, reminiscent of eastern throat singing and almost inaudible even in complete silence. However, with appropriate gain, as if under a microscope, we get a new amazing space of sounds.

The name "Khaeon" was formed by the combination of two Greek words, "khaos" and "eon" (also "aeon"). Khaos, "an abyss, that which gapes wide open, is vast and empty", conveys a sense of boundless space and timelessness, whereas, the vibrations of Eon, "age, vital force, a period of existence, lifetime, generation, eternity in plural", represents the force or source that creates and destroys endlessly illusive forms of reality.

Taras Yakobchuk - two-handled saw, sound processing
Original cover painting by Elis Cooke





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